You’ll Get There (Eventually)

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Lately, I’ve made the idiotic mistake of comparing my life to those of people my age. Just this week, I was scrolling through photos one of my followers posted of him in Dubai and Barcelona. I looked to my mom and said, “Wow, I need to get my life. I’m trying to be like him.” My mom responded, “Christina, you don’t know what he did to get there.”

I feel like young adults these days are in such a rush to have it all figured out. This is greatly influenced by the media. But it’s also about the society we live in. Everything seems to be moving around us at the speed of light. When things don’t happen for us quickly, we get discouraged.

This mindset that we need to make six figures by 25 and have the white picket fence by 30 is “delusional” as my mother says. Oprah was told by her first boss that she “wasn’t right for television”. Nick Foles, the backup quarterback that everyone doubted, led the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl victory.

It’s time to get real. It’s okay to want it all. But maybe we don’t have to have it all right now. So what do we do in the meantime? Pray to God to send us a blessing? Twiddle our thumbs and wait? Listen to episode 4 of the Young, Black, and Opinionated podcast for advice from me and my special guest, my mom! Episode 4 is now available on Spreaker, Google Play, and iTunes. Send your topic ideas and feedback to

About the Podcast

Summary: Born from the Young, Black, and Opinionated blog, the YBO podcast is for the culture! Christina Royster doesn’t hold anything back with her down-to-earth, brutally honest opinions on everything from social issues to entertainment. Pour another drink because your favorite Black girl next door is about to get real.

Episode 4: You’ll Get There Eventually

Episode Overview: On this episode of YBO, Christina and her mom, Diane Timberlake, put y’all on to some cool TV dramas, ask what’s the rush to have life all figured out, and decide if one former stud is “Dope or Nope”.

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