What Do You Bring to the Table?

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On the list of top 10 worst feelings in the world is getting stood up for a date. Okay, it’s not as bad as losing your debit card or getting a flat tire, but it’s pretty embarrassing. You got all dressed up and brought your A-game to the dinner table. Your date didn’t even bother to show up. Now you’re eating breadsticks by yourself.

There are a lot of people out there who are ready to date. They’ve taken the time to figure themselves out, they know what they want, and they don’t need to brag about their six figure salary because they bring so much more to the dating table. Then there are losers like the date that stood you up. He or she did you a favor by not showing face because they would have showed up empty handed with stale conversation and the personality of a cardboard box.

After a couple of heartbreaks, I used to cry “men aren’t shit”. Then I wrote It’s Not Him, It’s You which made me ask myself, “Am I shit?” Would I want to date me? What do I bring to the dating table?

Are you ready to ask yourself the same? Listen to Episode 3 of the Young, Black, and Opinionated podcast so we can figure it out together. Episode 3 is now available on Spreaker, SoundCloud, and iTunes. Send your topic ideas and feedback to Info@TheYBOPodcast.com

About the Podcast

Summary: Born from the Young, Black, and Opinionated blog, the YBO podcast is for the culture! Christina Royster doesn’t hold anything back with her down-to-earth, brutally honest opinions on everything from social issues to entertainment. Pour another drink because your favorite Black girl next door is about to get real.

Episode 3: You Gotta Bring a Dish to This Table

Episode Overview: On this episode of YBO, Christina and her guest, Nija Lomax, put y’all on to the best cities to live in, call out men and women who show up empty handed to the dating table, and decide if jungle juice at 2pm is “Dope or Nope”.

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