Mind Their Business

I’ve been ruminating about all that is happening in our world and country lately and I can’t think of the perfect combination of words to express my disgust and fear. Neo-Nazis rallying like it’s 1952. Y’all president not caring about climate change like 2 severe hurricanes and massive forrest fires haven’t hit the U.S. in the same week. I’m MFing tired. The latest foolery we’ve been dealing with is the revocation of DACA.

Attempting to send young people back to a country they’ve never even been to or ever called home is ridiculous enough. But really my disappoint comes from my fellow Black people. I’m sick of some of y’all saying, “That’s their problem. I’m minding my business.” Nah. Any injustice to a minority group is all of our business. Did you forget your Latina roommate was shouting Black Lives Matter for you? Remember when your Indian homie was marching with you?  That could easily be your Black ass that Trump’s trying to send back to Africa and how many of you have ever even stepped foot on the motherland?

This heated opinion of mine comes from my trip to the National Museum of African American History & Culture in D.C. at the end of August. If I wore a wig it would have been snatched by that museum. I was in complete and utter awe at the beauty and talent and resilience of my people. It made me so happy to be Black.

One of the most chilling exhibits I saw was the room dedicated to Emmett Till. In huge gold letters on the wall, hanging over her son’s coffin, Mamie Till’s words read, “The murder of my son has shown me that what happens to any of us, anywhere in the world, had better be the business of all of us.” As a woman living in Chicago, Mamie turned the other cheek when she saw what was happening down south and thanked God it wasn’t happening in her hood. I’m sure many of you did the same when white nationalists flooded the campus of University of Virginia. I can’t imagine why though. UVA could have easily been UCONN or UCLA or little Rider University in New Jersey.

I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is, this is only the beginning of the bs. Racism is bigger and badder than ever. The good news is, Black and Brown people are going to overcome as usual. For centuries, Black people have fought tooth and nail for everything we have. Slavery – beat that. Jim Crow – beat that. Now it’s 2017 and you better not dare think we’re caving in. Another quote I saw at the museum that stuck with me was “Lifting as we Climb”. The only way we can lift others up on our climb to the top is by minding their business. Advocate for other marginalized groups. Stay informed. I’m not tryna wake y’all up. I’m just asking you to give a damn.


I have just become aware of the events that took place on Friday, September 8 against Chicago teen Kenneka Jenkins that lead to the discovery of her dead body on Sunday, September 10. I have to add that this is yet ANOTHER example of when we should mind the business of others! A girl was raped in a hotel room full of people who were supposed to be her friends. Two days later, she’s found dead in a freezer. Instead of checking on her and doing the right thing, these so-called friends of hers “minded their own business” and went on Instagram Live. When I think about all the hotel parties I’ve been to, I realize that could have easily been me. More on this story can be read here.