Advice to My Freshman Self

Hey guys, Christina here! I know I’ve been as ghost as James St. Patrick (if you don’t get the Power reference shame on you) but I’ve got a good reason, I promise. The semester has started so my schedule has been crazy. I can’t believe it’s my senior year and I’ll be out in the “real world” in just a few months. That degree is calling my name! But as I look around my campus one thing stands out to me: freshman. We’ve all been there – new, eager, naive, and trying WAY too hard. When I think back to my freshman year I so wish I knew what I know now. I’d tell my 2013 crop top, combat boot wearing self:

  1. Just because the dining hall is all-you-can-eat that doesn’t mean you need to eat all you can. The freshman 15 is real and so is the sophomore 20. Universities have this crazy place called the gym too!
  2. Worry about the library as much as you worry about parties. This isn’t Accepted. There will always be “turn ups” but it will be harder to turn up that GPA if you let it drop.
  3. Not everybody is your friend. Having the biggest, baddest squad on campus might seem cool but all those people hanging around need to be bringing you up instead of tearing you down. Is the kid who smokes every day going to help you study? Choose wisely.
  4. Your roommate does not have to be your best friend. Sure, it would be ideal, but there are so many other people on campus to get to know. Do you really want to sleep, eat, hang out and go to class with the same person every single day?
  5. Your friends freshman year probably will not be your friends senior year. People grow up. That’s life. No harm, no foul.
  6. It’s OK to commute. I know you might think you’re missing out but there are ways to be lit, not mooch off residents, and save money. Like, 10k for a twin XL bed and dining hall food is not worth it. Trust me.
  7. Don’t even bother with upperclassman of the opposite sex. They’re not trying to cuff you. They’re trying to devour you and your stupid self is going to let them smh.
  8. Going along with #7, don’t even date on a small campus. Too messy. Find someone nearby with a car. But if you’re going to date on campus, stay lowkey
  9. Thank your parents periodically for signing their life away in blood to Satan (Sallie Mae) next to yours on those outrageous loans.
  10. Make sure people know your name for a GOOD reason. Not for that one thing you did at that one party that one time. You know what thing I’m talking about.

College is literally the best and worst 4 years of your life all wrapped up into one. You lose friends, gain love, gain weight, and so much more. The amount of growth and maturity  between ages 18 and 22 is unreal. Dear freshman, don’t ever lose sight of what you’re really at school for – an education. Let the rest fall into place naturally. And lose the white Converse. They’re going to get trashed at the dirty house parties.


Freshman Christina. Who did I think I was?


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