An Open Letter to My Country

Dear America,

Another Black man was shot by the police last week. I’m not sure how many that makes now. I’ve lost count. They’ll soon turn his name into a trending hashtag until the next one is announced. That is, if it’s even announced. Sounds harsh doesn’t it? Welcome to America where you’re in harms way just for the color of your skin. Is it 2016 or 1956?

Our ancestors were chained, hosed, beaten, lynched. Decades later we’re still being stopped, frisked, shot and left for dead. It’s like we don’t matter. But Black lives DO in fact matter. We are smart, beautiful, and so much more than the thugs they make us out to be. Sure, all lives matter. Nobody is arguing that people should not be treated differently because of their race, religion, gender, or sexuality. If you lose your arm to a shark and I say, “All arms matter” is that going to help your situation? Seems a little insensitive doesn’t it? Black lives matter and are the topic of discussion because we are endangered. That’s right, like a rare species they’re trying to wipe us out. I just can’t figure out why. What kind of threat does a man selling CD’s outside a convenience store pose? How can a cop feel at risk when a man is reaching for his license? Does the grace that glows from our melanin offend you? Does the brilliance that oozes from our pores make you uncomfortable?

I know what you have to say for yourself America but I can see right through your excuses. We’re dealing with racism. Don’t tip toe around. Don’t whisper it. Don’t turn the other cheek. Say it loud and say it proud – RACISM. It still exists in 2016 and we’re fully aware. That’s why our fathers tell us to comply with your cops. That’s why our mothers want us home before dark. “Don’t get pulled over. You may not ever make it home.” But why should we bite our tongues and sit pretty while the “men” in blue disrespect us?

I’m not advocating violence. Retaliation will get us no where on the journey to change. Rioting and burning down our own cities is exactly what they want. Instead I want us to speak up and protest. Fight for what is right. And you know what you can do for me America? You can stop hiring racists as law enforcement and placing them in predominantly Black communities. You can stop training your cops to fire at any sudden movement as if they’re on the battlefield. And for the love of God you can reprimand those that kill unarmed Black boys in cold blood instead of letting them off easy.

This isn’t a request. It’s a demand for change. I’m not ant-white or anti-cop. I’m anti-racism. I refuse to accept the fact that my people are hated and killed for just BEING.I don’t want my little brother’s name to become a hashtag because he reached in his pocket around an officer. I don’t want my dad gunned down on camera. Which brings me to these videos….what else do we have to do to prove we’re being mistreated? In my 21 years of life I’ve never seen death or a live murder for that matter until I logged on to Twitter last week. Murder. Allow yourself to acknowledge it for exactly what it is. When will enough be enough? I want to live to prove the stereotypes for African American women wrong, but I’m scared I won’t be able to at this rate. Black Lives Matter. My life matters. This isn’t up for debate.


Young, Black, and Opinionated



  1. The Truth · July 17, 2016

    If the American POLICE really wanted BLACK people dead, all they’ll have to do is stop patrolling their neighborhood and wait for them to kill themselves.
    Black Lives “only” Matters as long as it’s not black on black killings.
    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have done nothing but FUELLED this racial tension!

    America is the most DIVISIVE & RACIALLY Tense modern nation in the World because of people like you!


  2. American Pride · July 17, 2016

    My heart is broken, I am just so SICK and tired of Obama (I will not call him my president) not protecting the people who serve and protect our nation!!! Downplaying these horrible murders of the brave officers who are just out there PROTECTING us. It makes me sick and I’ve been in tears this morning over the other THREE officers in Louisiana murdered and SIX injured by law breaking criminals! Enough is enough!!! This is out of control, and we need a president who has our POLICE officers back not the criminals! I can’t wait for President Trump to get in there and handle these murders so our officers are safe!! I am praying for all of my police officer, and law enforcement friends and FAMILY!! I hope that Jesus protects you from harm and brings you home safe every night. The devil is at war with us right now, he lives in the White House, and is currently campaigning with Hilary Clinton. He is deceiving and lying to everyone to get everyone more divided, create more hate and to drive the word of God out of these United States. May God deliver us from this evil, and protect our brothers and sisters in Blue.


    • roysterc · July 17, 2016

      “President Trump” wouldn’t even address this so sit down please.


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