The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: Your Twenties

Recently, I saw a text post online that said “being 18-25 is like playing a video game where you’ve skipped the tutorial”. In actuality, life in your twenties is like being in a video game where you don’t know how anything works and you’re on fire and have high anxiety and you’re broke all the time and kinda wanna cry but kinda want a Wendy’s 4 for $4 meal. Your twenties should be the most exciting time of your life but instead my peers and I are stressed beyond measure.

What’s leading us to early strokes and high blood pressure? It has everything to do with wanting to act your age but being forced to grow up. It’s knowing you’re old enough to move out your parents house but not being able to afford it. Or worse, wanting to go to two dollar Tuesday at Joe’s Crab Shack with your friends but having three final papers and an exam. Or it could be the end of the world scenario where you just broke up with the guy you’ve been with for a while and the dating scene has been replaced with swiping left or right on someone’s picture and now you’re definitely not getting married by thirty.

That’s just it though, it’s NOT the end of the world. I had to tell myself that this past week. I’m twenty-one years old and even though it feels like my world is crumbling apart sometimes, it’s really okay. Because it’s better to grind now than jump from job to job when I’m 45. And it’s better to stay under my mom’s roof and save up than work two jobs to pay rent I still can’t afford. And it sure as hell is better to remove myself from forced relationships before I waste any more years. That’s the beauty of it. You basically get 10 years in your twenties and I’m only down 1.


Graphic by Christina Royster

Everything in your life is either a lesson or a blessing. I’m sure you’ve heard that one before but man is it true. People and things come in and out of our lives because we have to learn and grow from experiences. We have to date multiple guys in a decade to find “the one” . We have to try Thai food to discover we’re allergic. We have to skip class once on a Thursday to go to the club because you only get one shot at undergrad in college. What’s the point in being alive if you’re not going to live? Might as well live now before we’re tied down with a spouse, kids, and responsibilities.

Please don’t take life too seriously in your twenties. I’m telling this to myself and you. Sure it sucks you had to cut off your “best friends” but they wouldn’t be cute in your bridesmaids dresses anyway. Yeah you really want that internship but why worry about it when you can enjoy karaoke night at Applebee’s with your roommate? This stuff seems huge to us but just wait until we’re slapped with a mortgage, lay offs at work, and arthritis. We’ll wish we took that weekend trip to Miami when we were 25.

I just finished up my junior year of college and I had so many lessons and blessings in the last year you wouldn’t believe, but I’m thankful. Thankful for the good and the bad because all of it just adds to the person I’m destined to become. You never really stop growing, but your twenties are the prime time to do so.


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