Lemonade and a Side of Shade?

Hey everyone! With finals week over I can finally take the time to sit down and write to you all again. You know I had to make time to talk about Beyonce’s latest album and the shade (or not) that it throws. So Queen B released an hour long visual album last Saturday titled Lemonade with HBO and for the most part I love all that the singing/spoken word project has to offer. There’s some songs I could do without but I’m really not here to do an album review. What I want to get into is one of the lines from her song “Sorry” that says, “He only want me when I’m not there / He better call Becky with the good hair.”

For anyone not from this generation, “Becky” is a term synonymous with white girl because it has been said that Becky is a common name for white girls. With this in mind, was Bey throwing shade? We have to consider the fact that generalizing white girls with one name is a form of stereotyping and if it were any other race we may not be clapping and screaming “Tell him girl!” What if Iggy Azalea rapped, “Go get you a Shanaenae”? I would be pissed. Speaking of Iggy, she went off on Twitter the other day when someone called her a Becky and that’s honestly what made me give this more thought.

Thinking even deeper, why did Beyonce say he better go get a Becky in the first place? Because we live in a time where some Black men cherish White women like “Becky” more than us Black women. Heck, some of them love EVERY other race’s females before they love their own. I feel very strongly about this topic because I personally feel like Black women get a bad rap. We’re always too much of something for men – too loud, too “difficult”, too aggressive. Simple minded men want a passive and pretty freak like “Becky”. So although stereotypical, I’m not mad at a hurt and neglected Beyonce for telling her no good man to go get a Becky. It seems like that’s what they all want anyway.

Why have Black men being saying that White women are winning lately? Is it because squats are making their butts the size of Black women’s? Perhaps it’s their “boxer braids” that are a complete rip off of cornrows. Wait, no, maybe it’s because they don’t talk back. Whatever it may be, they shouldn’t hold them higher than Black women. You can’t help who you love and I don’t knock interracial dating because I’ve had crushes on every color in the rainbow. However, Black men need to remember that Black women raised them and loved them first. Black women are our sisters, mothers, aunts, and grandmas. As Bey says in her new song “Hold Up”, they don’t love you like I love you.

Was Bey throwing shade to White women in “Sorry” off her album Lemonade or was she speaking straight facts? I’ll let you be the judge. Just know that things are shaking up in the dating world and I will continue to give my opinion about it. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts as well!


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