10 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Woman

I would consider myself a pretty good communicator. In fact, I’ve learned enough about talking to people to drop some knowledge on you all. Here are 10 things you definitely shouldn’t bring up in conversation with any woman. You’ve been warned!

  1. “You shouldn’t eat that.” (or anything about weight)fat amy gif

It’s my body and I’ll ruin it with a 10 pc. McNugget if I want. I’m sure someone else will find this tummy yummy if you don’t.

2. “Calm down.” (or the synonymous “relax” and “it’s not that deep”)

princess gif

You clearly want the argument to last another hour.

3. “My ex…”

rihanna gif.gif

ABORT MISSION. Just don’t. Ever. It’s offensive to be compared to someone from your past.

4. The dreaded b and c words

oitnb gif.gif

Mad disrespectful. Use these and you’re asking to set off a grenade.

5. “Whatever.”

amy gif.gif

Trigger word. Simple to you, 100 meanings to her. One being that you don’t care.

6. “You wouldn’t understand.”

judge judy gif

Don’t insult my intelligence. Try me.

7. “I heard this about you…”

oprah gif.gif

But did you ask me?

8. “Someone’s PMSing.” (or anything about periods)

twitching gif.gif

Yes because I have to be menstruating to be angry…What would you even know about bleeding for a week and wanting to eat a tub of ice cream for breakfast?

9. “You look tired.”

kylie jenner gif

I probably am. Doesn’t mean you have to point out I look like trash.

10. “Don’t be such a girl.”

cardi b gif

Don’t be such a douchebag. Were you raised in a cave?

These 10 phrases will land you in the dog house for sure. What happened when you said one of these? Let me know in the comments!


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