Dump Trump

Hi readers! I haven’t forgetten about you I promise. I’ve been very busy with school and extracurriculars but it’s all paying off. I’ve recently accepted a summer internship offer! While I have been preoccupied there is one thing I’ve been keeping an eye on and that is the upcoming election. In fact, this is the only election I can actually say I’ve really done my research on. I’m not really into politics so perhaps it is because it will be my first time voting. Nevertheless, I’ve formed an opinion and sadly it’s that I would rather ANYONE but Trump become president.

Sometimes it disgusts me how money rules the world. For instance, how Donald Trump is actually in the running to be the President of the United States solely because he had enough money to keep a campaign afloat. We all know that’s the only thing keeping him in. Should I mention that Trump has filed for business bankruptcy for his casinos in Atlantic City multiple times in the past two decades? If the guy can’t run a business, why on Earth would anyone vote for him to run the country? Just look at him!

His few crazy supporters who probably marry their cousins and have romantic relationships with their dogs are also keeping him in the running. I’m sorry but those are the only people in my opinion who can possibly agree with “deporting the Mexicans” and “close America off from Muslims.” The guy is a blatant racist and it makes me wonder what he would have to say about Black people. It terrifies me to imagine a man with so much hatred for his fellow Americans as our leader. With all the racial tension that has been displayed lately I can definitely see us going back into segregation with Trump as president. And if that happens I’m dead because yall know I have too much attitude to be spit on by Whites and be told where I can sit.

So with all of this being said I ask that you, your momma, your grandpop, whoever to dump Trump and vote for anyone else in this upcoming election. I don’t care if you write yourself on the ballot. Just make sure this racist, misogynist, joke of a man doesn’t become the leader of the free world. The only way we can stop him is by registering and voting. Which brings me to another issue: YOUR VOTE MATTERS. Do not believe otherwise. I’m a black woman. Blacks fought to vote and women fought to vote so I can’t let this opportunity slip away.

I wish Obama could have a third term honestly. The First Family is so lit. Would Trump shake hands with Kendrick Lamar in the White House? I think not. Let me know what you think in the comments. If you can give me one logical reason why Trump should be president maybe I won’t slap you (:



  1. Wisdom · April 8, 2016

    This is definitely the worst blog post you have ever made. Everything you say screams the fact that you are not truly informed and you just go along with the stereotypical millennial beliefs that Trump is a raging asshole when in reality his policies make a lot of sense when you actually take the time to understand them. Your post is so bad that I could not even get past the first paragraph.

    In this age of politically correct America, perhaps you should address Trump supporters in a better way than claiming all of them must be incestuous. Just because you are a female minority does not mean that you can oppress others.

    More whites and Hispanics were killed by cops last year than blacks, so get your facts straight before you attack the truth.


    • roysterc · April 8, 2016

      Lol and this is why my blog is named Young, Black, and OPINIONATED. I’m entitled to my beliefs and you’re entitled to yours. Have a nice day.


  2. Keeping it Real · April 11, 2016

    It is mind blowing that anyone could want another term of the Obama disaster. People like you are what is wrong with this country. The fact that you are “college educated” is a disgrace to this once great nation. America needs Trump to Make America Great Again!


    • roysterc · April 11, 2016

      To “keep it real”, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Have a nice day!


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