Texts of Exes Past

“Hey big head.”

“What’s up stranger?”

“So you can’t have friends?”

If you receive one of these texts chances are you’re about to be annoyed by someone from your past. Whether it’s an ex, a previous hook up, or someone who continues to try you, these texts and other corny clichés are their go to for wiggling back into your life.

Why is it that as soon as you’re on cloud nine, Jerome from summer 2013 has to DM you? Boy bye! Everybody gets that initial chance and if you’re lucky you might get a second one. But once you’ve wasted my time or I’m not interested, it’s a wrap. My cute new selfie on Instagram is not an invitation to text me that you miss me.

The fact is, when people see you looking or doing better they’re reminded of what they once had or could of had, forgetting it didn’t work out for a reason. I really don’t believe exes can be friends because somebody will always want more. That’s just my opinion. On the other hand we have those people that you’ve politely turned down and they still keep trying. Then they want to accuse you of being “a stranger.” I’m not a stranger. I just don’t want to talk to you! Even worse, these types will sometimes get nasty and claim “they didn’t want you anyway.” No need to get rude honey. Stop lying to me and yourself and take the L.

It’s ok to miss your ex (especially if it’s me because you messed up 💁🏾 lol). But if you see they’re doing well without you, don’t go messing with them. You can catch up with them by texting something like “just wanted to see how you’re doing” instead of that annoying “hey big head.” And if they still want nothing to do with you, you just have to accept that. Let them be great from a far and never cross the boundaries they have set. 

Also, if you’re being bothered by someone and can’t ignore it, it’s perfectly fine to block them! I hear too often “I feel bad.” How can you feel bad for deleting somebody from your life that you don’t want there? I will leave somebody I don’t want to talk to on read so fast like “new life who dis?” You can never completely move on so long as you have texts from exes past dangling over your head. In my opinion, say hello and keep it pushing. You’re a different person now and deserve unbothered happiness!

Do you have an annoying ex? Social media creep? Let me hear about it in the comments.


One comment

  1. Her Main Nigga · March 1, 2016

    You real af for posting this! I wish my bitch would take your advice!

    Liked by 1 person

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