The V in Valentine’s Day

Chocolates, teddy bears, and roses are slowly disappering off the shelves with Valentine’s Day coming up this Sunday. Some people love the sappy cuteness of the day. Others can’t stand it. Seeing as how my generation has this odd problem with love, most of my peers aren’t celebrating and are setting up to get freaky for the holiday instead of romantic.

One of my friends flat out expressed her desire “for some d*ck” rather than a dinner date. This is for the ladies: do better this Valentine’s Day (and every day)! I’m not saying put out after a guy takes you to Red Lobster, but you can’t just give up the V without receiving anything of value in return. 

There are women who don’t have sex until they receive the ultimate gift: a wedding ring. You mean to tell me you’re willing to give someone the gift of your body without getting so much as a $5 box of chocolates? Know your worth and add tax! By giving it up without being persued properly you’re saying your standards are nonexistent. This in turn reflects your character. Notice I said being persued PROPERLY. A long text with heart eye emojis should not be enough to get you out your Victoria’s Secret.


If you just want to have sex this Valentine’s Day go right ahead but don’t be mad when you see your friend posting roses on Instagram. You think she got roses before or after sex? I’m not trying to sound high and mighty. I’ve gone out of my way for guys who couldn’t even remember my middle name. That’s why I’m telling you this now. If a guy calls you high maintenance for wanting roses, dinner, or a movie…DROP him and find someone who will give you all three. If a guy asks “if I get you roses what you getting me?”, tell him you can get him some chocolates and that should be all he expects.

I’m so serious. Unless you’re married or being treated like a queen, I don’t want to hear you stripped to Beyonce’s “Dance for You” with rose petals on the bed. I do however want to hear your Valentine’s Day plans! Do you agree or disagree with me? Talk to me in the comments lovers ❣


One comment

  1. Old, Black, and Wise · March 9, 2016

    These bitches always say how their nigga gotta spend mad paper on them and then all the bitch has to do is give pussy smh


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