Pick Your Battles

When something gets under your skin or someone rubs you the wrong way, do you pop off or bite your tongue? If you’re anything like me (short tempered, sensitive, outspoken) you may want to address the situation right then and there. However, I’m learning this alternative called “picking your battles” which has been foreign  to me for the most part haha.

Picking your battles just means choosing which situations in your life are worth the fight and which ones are better left alone. With me, nothing is ever left alone. But I’m starting to realize not every action needs a reaction. Sometimes you just have to let things go.

This is easier said than done, especially if you’re used to reacting to everything. So how can we learn to pick our battles? First, you have to ask yourself “Why am I mad and will I still be mad later?” If you don’t have a logical reason for being mad and the situation could blow over in a day, drop it. There’s no use fighting about something you’re not even going to care about later. Second, if you decide to address the situation because it’s eating at you then you have to wait until you’re calm and can speak constructively. Don’t let your emotions speak for you. I’ve seen the smallest disagreements turn into huge fights because people can’t communicate their feelings properly. Communication is two sided. Remember to listen as well as speak.

In short, picking your battles can lead to a happier and healthy life because you start to realize some things aren’t worth the hassle. If biting your tongue bothers you, remember to speak in a way that will diffuse the problem, not escalate it. Let me know your tips for picking your battles! I’m still getting used to this 😂


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