Worry Less, Live More

Sometimes life feels like a staircase that you’re building for yourself. Every day is another step toward the top. Maybe your dream job is at the top or perhaps a new house. Then all of a sudden the stairs fall right from under you and it’s back to square one. That’s how I feel right about now.

The thing about life is, it never goes as planned. You can build that staircase all you want then a wrecking ball can come from the side and demolish everything. And there go your plans like a Jenga tower. It’s funny, I always feel like as soon as you get yourself together is when you start to get attacked.

So what do you do when you feel like you’ve been kicked back to the bottom? Do you stress or worry? Of course not! Worry less, live more. Everything may seem like the end of the world but I promise you it isn’t. This life is artificial and one day none of it will matter anyway.


That sounds morbid. What I mean is you can’t worry about things out of your control. So you didn’t get the job you wanted or you don’t have enough money for a new house. Will crying about it get you that job and more money? If you answered no then you already have the right mind set. I’ll share with you guys that I’m a bit of a “cryer” meaning I cry during hard times. But once those tears are gone and I get myself together I 1) pray about it 2) apply myself 3) keep busy. To be honest I should scrap the crying and do these things first. I’m still learning.If you’re religious, pray. If not, meditate. You MUST do something to release those troubles. I leave everything up to my God and keep it moving. I then apply myself which means that if I’m looking for a job I update my resume or something along those lines. You can’t ask for blessings without putting in work. Finally, I keep busy while the seeds that my God and I planted grow. Art is my therapy during hard times. You can find yours too!

Ten years from now do you want to regret worrying about life or do you want to rejoice because you lived it? Dust yourself off and continue to build that staircase while enjoying the view from each stair.


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