New Year, New You.

Wow the year really ends tomorrow. When the clock strikes 12:00, 2015 will be another year in the books and everyone will start acting brand new for 2016. You know exactly what I’m talking about. It wasn’t even Christmas yet and I saw “new year, new me” posts. There’s nothing wrong with making a resolution but are you really going to stick to it this time?

new year new me robert downey

My opinion is this: if you make any resolutions, my favorite being the popular “I’m going to diet this year” (rolls eyes), keep it to yourself. Personally, I want to see you succeed but if I see you eating Dunkin Donuts on January 2nd I’m going to think you can’t stick to anything and you were all talk. Not that I’m judgy, it’s just that you were ranting and raving about change but there you are with a glazed cronut at 7am. Just think, if you hadn’t told everyone your resolution no one would even know you’re breaking your diet.

I know it’s hard to stick to resolutions because I have tried. So I guess the exception to my opinion above would be if you tell others in order to motivate yourself. That’s a great idea because I can guarantee somebody is watching. I’m just going to break my own rule here because it’s my blog and I can do what I want, that my resolution is to be less bitter and more forgiving. You wouldn’t know if that manifests itself so I can get away with sharing it. The year 2015 brought me many blessings (like starting YBO) but also A LOT of heartache. You don’t need the details but just know a lot happened to me the last third of the year. I’m angry and bitter about it. I used present tense because these feelings haven’t fully gone away. But I pray in 2016 I learn to forgive and find peace because I read once that staying angry is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

Why hold grudges or bring negativity into 2016? This new year can be anything you want it to be! You have 365 days to make money, travel, fall in love, build a relationship with God, whatever you want! Disclaimer: The road that is life can often be rocky. You have to be willing to adapt to whatever happens. However, if you always have that resolution/dream in the back of your mind, you can take different routes to it. So, are you going to give up your resolution in a week or stick it out? Let me know how it goes and have a Happy New Year! 🎉


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  1. Isana · December 31, 2015

    Everybody fufu


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