Get in the Holiday Spirit

Merry Christmas Eve readers! In my post “Give Thanks” I called Thanksgiving my second favorite holiday. That’s because Christmas is my absolute favorite! I love Christmas more than anything, not because of the gifts, but because of the spirit that comes with it. Sparkling Christmas lights, minty candy canes, and giving to others have put a smile on my face for the whole month of December.

This holiday season I have noticed a lot of people saying that Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore. I think this is partly because we are getting older. Instead of unwrapping toys, we’re spending all our money on loved ones. It’s not a bad thing to buy for your family but draining your pocket can drain your spirit. My suggestion for this would be to take the time to do something “Christmasy”besides shopping. Make a gingerbread house, watch Elf, or bake cookies. Taking the time to relax and enjoy the break with your family instead of bustling from store to store will remind you that it’s actually Christmas.


Another suggestion I have for you all involves the dreaded gift shopping. If you have someone hard to buy for or they have everything under the sun, give a more thoughtful gift. No one can possibly hate or return a snowglobe with grandma’s picture or a mug with their favorite quote. A gift that clearly came from the heart is better received than a gift card.
Christmas, much like Thanksgiving, is a time for family and friends, laughter and joy. Some people don’t have these things. If you aren’t feeling the holiday spirit, my last suggestion would be to give back to your community during this season. Food pantries, soup kitchens, and toy drives always need volunteers to help the less fortunate have a merry Christmas. I work part time at Five Below, a dollar store of sorts. People will come in and spend hundreds of dollars on their own children but won’t donate a dollar toy to Toys for Tots because they’ve “spent enough”. Give this a second thought this holiday season. I promise you it will warm your heart to give (without receiving).

I’m writing to you all on my phone from a couch in North Carolina while my uncle cooks and my mom tells stories of times before I was born. Moments like this are why I love Christmas. God gave us the greatest gift of all, his son. So rejoice like Mary and Joseph for this beautiful day and get out of your Grinchy moods. Get in the holiday spirit!



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