I Don’t: The Generation That Won’t Get Married

The future can be quite intimidating. Anything unknown is always a little scary. The truth is, nobody knows what lies ahead of us. Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown thought there would be flying cars and hover boards in 2015. Boy, were they wrong. So when my professor asked us to look ahead 10 years from now for an assignment, I didn’t know where to start.

I presented in front of my class that by age 30 I would have my ideal job, dream house, and be married. Isn’t that what everyone always says? I was surprised at the amount of people who got up and said “I don’t know if I’ll get married” or “I don’t want any children.” What was really shocking was that most of them were females. I thought it was every girls dream since they got their first Barbie and Ken dolls to get married. Things have changed.

Statistics show that as of May 2015 our nation’s divorce rate hovers around 50%. I believe this fact is one of the many reasons my peers will not get married. First off, we’re the generation whose parents messed the whole institution of marriage up. Take a look around and you’ll see that many young adults don’t have a good perception of marriage because their parents split, mine included. When you don’t have a good example of the joy marriage can bring it steers you away from the idea altogether. Not only that, but my generation has hella longevity issues. How are we going to be married for 50 years like our grandparents when we can’t even date someone for 5 months? Because of this I think the common thought has become “what’s the point?”

Another study showed that over a third of young Americans (age 25-29) see financial security as an obstacle of marriage. However, only 20% of Americans over the age of 35 agreed. What’s that mean? My generation doesn’t want to get married if they’re broke. Whereas, by the age of 35 adults kind of have their bearing and can then consider it. This is by no means a bad thing. Our economy is still rocky and there’s no reason to combine your debt with another person’s debt if neither of you are financially stable. My mother has always told me to settle into my career and get financially stable before any wedding vows are said. So maybe my generation will get married, just way later than our grandparents and parents did.

Finally, the statistic that got me thinking my generation will never get married was that young people today are slow to marry because they’re waiting to find specific traits in their spouse. Let me tell y’all something, there’s no such thing as a perfect human being and there certainly will never be a perfect marriage. Stop waiting for Prince Charming and marry Mr. Right.

I’m not telling you to lower your standards. Just have realistic ones! If you’re only getting married when you come across the 6 foot tall, caramel skin, doctor who saves endangered animals then you’re never getting married sweetie. But that 5’5” doctor might be husband material if you come down from your castle. My generation loves to take pictures of celebrity couples and diamond rings then label them “relationship goals”. My peers relationship goals need to be no debt and an educated spouse.

The most recent Census indicates that when people aged 25-34 right now reach their 40s and 50s only 25% of them will be married. That’s a scary thought to me. Call me crazy but I still believe in love and commitment. It’s not for everybody but I look forward to it one day in the future.

Source: Troutman, Katey. “Marriage Statistics: Are Americans Giving Up on Marriage?” The CheatSheet. N.p., 18 May 2015. Web. 10 Dec. 2015.


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