Give Thanks

Ahh Thanksgiving, my second favorite holiday. The overlooked holiday after the ghouls of Halloween and before the birthday of baby Jesus. Over the years Thanksgiving has become more about fighting for a flat screen television than sharing a meal with your family. Some stores are opening their doors as early as 6pm on Thanksgiving day. Sales are great and all, but can we finish dinner before going shopping?

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday not because of Black Friday deals but because of the togetherness it brings. Think about it. As annoying as auntie may be with her questions about your love life, she’s family and you’re lucky to have her. As long as grandma may take in the kitchen, feel blessed that she’s there to cook for you. These are the moments that Thanksgiving should be about.

My mom never writes down recipes and her mother never did either. The only way I’m ever going to learn how to make her famous mac & cheese is by sitting in the kitchen and observing. By doing so, I learn a family tradition and spend time with my mom, the way the holiday should be spent.

I don’t want to give a lecture, but I will say this. Ten years from now your kids are not going to want to hear about the iPhone you stood in line for. The greatest stories you will be able to tell them are when Uncle spiked the punch and Cousin graduated from the kids table. Thanksgiving should be about tradition, unity and well…thanks. Be thankful for the food on your table, the people sitting next to you, and the money you have to buy that flat screen television on Black Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving from YBO! P.S. If you like pumpkin pie over sweet potato pie we can’t be friends 😛


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  1. Ya boy · November 25, 2015



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