Young, Black, and Motivated

As my blog goes on, you (my lovely readers) will learn a lot about me. One thing I would like to share is that I am the graphic design intern for the Office of Campus Life at my university. It’s a wonderful opportunity for experience and pay. I even get my own little cubicle. Obtaining a paid position based on my talent at a predominantly white private institution made me extremely happy. What makes me even more happy is seeing other Black students working in the office.

There are plenty of college students partying and goofing off, wasting the 4 years they’ve been given. But my colleagues and I buzz around the office all week in between classes. We are determined to make professional connections to further our careers. In a study* I read from 2014, the graduation rate for Blacks at private colleges was 44.5%, far below the 68.1% for White students. I refuse to be a part of the percentage that does not graduate. The other Black student workers seem to have the same goal. You are the company you keep. I believe when you surround yourself with like-minded people you’re more successful.

For example, at the young age of 23 my boyfriend has recently started his own business with his two friends. Their clothing line represents them and everything they stand for ( Although my boyfriend has a college degree and his peers do not, their motivation and desire is completely equal to his. It is because of this fact that they have been successful. We’re talking about three minority males doing something positive and crushing stereotypes.

It pleases me to see young Black adults around me doing big things. I’m not the only one paying attention. The generation under us is watching our every move. My younger brother will be applying for college this fall. My work at school for the past three years has set forth the perfect example of good work ethic for him. The kids in my boyfriend’s hometown are going to learn to follow their bright ideas from watching him run a business. As the older folks say, children are the future. If they stay passionate and level headed, they can be great entrepreneurs, doctors, whatever they want! If you’re a young Black kid in school or just out here living your dream, don’t stop. That’s what society wants. Join me as I break yet another stereotype. Stay young, Black and motivated.

*Statistics from


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